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23andme test reports just came back. I've spent three hours on the site, reading reports and answering surveys. Interesting. Not quite what I expected; 100% Northern and Western European ancestors was not a surprise-- what is a surprise that I'm more than 77% British and Irish, when I thought it would be lower. (Do Breton French come up in the British/Irish category rather than French? Very possibly that might explain that. Guess the rumors about what else might be lurking on the family tree aren't so-- 100% European.) Lots of reading to do.
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It's hard to believe it's been 22 years since my cousin PJ unexpectedly dropped dead. I talk to his widow, Marilla Gardner O'Brien, on FaceBook. She posts knitting projects, family news and pictures of the (grown) kids, pictures of the cats, and the summer cottage, and some political stuff. She just posted a family picture taken just before PJ died. Memories.
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is now a Jersey Girl, settled into an assisted living home in Lawrenceville.
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worrying about Panhandle folks...
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Ancestors. Pierre Hubert Landry-Emelie Helier Dite Dragon. Julien Landry-Alphonsine Baron. Frank Nelson Bourdeau-Sally Aline Jardow. Nelson Narcisse Bordeau-Agusta Marie Landry.Gideon Lacosse-Azelie/Oxalie Roland. Alfred Savard-Apolina Lacosse. Elmer/Homer/Bourdeau-Clarisse Savard. Marie Anita Cecelia Bourdeau. John Harvey-Mary Deady. John Michael O'Brien-Elizabeth (Eibhlisebhe) Mary (Marie, Maire)Harvey. John Harvey Patrick O'Brien.
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Avens (practically_fame) turned 29 on Oct 10. Ragnar turns 41 today. Hard to believe how the years go by.
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I have found a place to live. It's an in-law apartment in Goffstown, small and efficient and affordable. I won't have covered parking, so I will have to scrape my car. I won't have room to have dinner parties, Irish teas and gatherings; I need to find a venue where I can hold Irish classes and Grove. I am tossing out, selling, consigning possessions that I have been hauling around for, in some cases, 40 years or so. There is a level on which this is frightening-- what if I need that? What if I miss that? But it also feels like weight is being lifted. The landline phone number I've had for 20 years is going away. My entire lifestyle is going to change. I will no longer be an activity hub.
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My difficult, troubled ex-mother-in-law just died. I had not spoken to her in years; she refused to see my children because they were "like me"; the last time we had seen her was when HER ex-mother-in-law died. A few years ago my children went to their Aunt Kristin's home for Christmas Eve with her family, Aunt Debbie, Arne, and other kinfolks-- and Connie went and hid in an upstairs bedroom rather than ever say hello to my children. It's unfortunate-- they are nice young adults, accomplished and productive and bright and funny. And she chose to deprive herself of half of her grandchildren. May she rest in peace.
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